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Steve Troglio is the founder and director of a company founded on sharing a life changing, hope filled message to teens, young adults, parents, teachers, law enforcement officials, and business corporations all across the country. Steve has been reaching people for over 30 years, and has touched the lives of thousands of people. His humor is seen in all of his presentations, and they are filled with personal experience and encouragement for individuals to take a stand for change in this day and age. He brings a message showing that decisions lead individuals’ lives and if people begin to make smarter decisions from their heart a positive change will begin. Steve brings the truth to people, anything short of that is a failure to him. Steve’s message is simple: “Reaching one life at a time.”

Steve uses his own personal life story to create the picture of his presentations. His life is not like many, but is the reason that he can relate so well to people. His story shares the experience of living in a once firm home that was one day turned completely upside down. Things turned from white to black, others looked upon him as another bad statistic. His story shares the images of loosing everything growing up, falling into a life that many could never imagine, but taking a stand against the tide that was pushing against him. Steve knew that he had a choice to make. The choice was to overcome the struggle and make a life for himself that was going to make a difference in this world. He knew that academics and athletics were going to be his way out.

Steve followed his dream and never looked back. He accepted a scholarship in 1976 for swimming to Indiana University of Pennsylvania an NCAA Division II School. During his freshman year, Steve became the first freshman to become an All-American Swimmer in the history of the college. Unfortunately after years, Steve suffered severe shoulder injuries, which prevented him from continuing his career at IUP. Steve realized his time was up and felt another calling on his life. He felt the calling to teens and helping individuals. This is where the program slowly started to develop.

Before founding this outreach program Steve was a youth minister and also worked with teens through coaching swimming and various youth organizations. He led teens in mission trips to Mexico City, biking trips that went across the country to raise money for missions, and even on a personal level as a counselor and motivator. Teens are Steve’s passion and backbone to his company, and his endless amount of experience with them helps him relate directly with them.

Besides his swimming career, Steve also has a few great accomplishments that are used not only in his school presentations, but carry into his corporate presentations. Steve has competed in and finished the International Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii in 1981. In 1997 Steve was awarded the “Life is a Sport, Drink it up Award” from Gatorade. This is an award that is given out every year to some of the nations top athletes. He was chosen from athletes all across the United States for not only what he does in sports, but also more importantly how he has used it to reach youth.

Steve is still reaching people each and everyday through his presentations and talking with people on a daily basis. Steve knows in his heart that his mission will not be over until he has reached that one individual. He loves people and wants to spread a truth epidemic across the nation with his words and experiences.

Finally, as much as Steve enjoys being with people on a daily basis, he loves his wife and kids that much more. He and his wife Chera have been married for over 31 years and have three adult children. They live in the south suburbs of Chicago.

“I found him to be prompt and was always able to fit his presentation with the themes of the other speakers in the time allowed him. I can highly recommend him as a motivational speaker and presenter to young adults.”