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Helping Teens

Guarding Your Heart

This is Steve’s main presentation. This presentation has a strong message against drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc. with the emphasis on keeping focused on the goal of your heart and staying true to your dreams. It shows teens that there are people out there that believe in them and that pressing on, no matter what comes their way, they can overcome anything.

In this presentation Steve stresses the importance of never giving up and keeping your eyes on the finish line. He relates stories of teens who have gone beyond their comfort zones to take part in 500-1000 mile bicycle trips to raise money for charities. He also shares his personal experiences in training and competing in the International Ironman Triathlon held in Hawaii and televised on ABC Wide World Of Sports.

Along with this he also shares a true story about a young man who he promised to tell his story every time he speaks to teens. The reason for the vow is that this boy said that he would live his whole life over again if it would help one teen make the right choice in life. This story talks about how no one really cared about this kid until he met a high school swim coach who decided to give him a chance. Because of this his life changed for the good.

Sex, Aids, and Abstinence

This subject has never been more timely for teens as it is today. The tragic rise in teen sex and STD’s illustrates the need to address teen sexuality. Steve’s candor with teens is tempered with humor and frank discussions about the “real life” applications and guidelines to live by when it comes to sexuality. Abstinence is the key to this presentation and teens are encouraged to follow after this path rather than believe the lie of our society.
This whole presentation is based on abstinence and showing teens how now is when they are to protect not just their bodies, but more importantly their hearts.

A Road Kill is Still a Road Kill

Here Steve exposes what he calls the “big lie” of society that is being swallowed up by our youth today. Steve shows how our lives are affected by the choices we make, that are based on false information fed to them by society. The title is used to show no matter how you try to wrap it…..”A Road Kill is Still a Road Kill”. The images of substance use is blown away by this presentation.

Welcome to High School

Here Steve talks about last year they were the king, on top, but today welcome to high school. Its about making sure that they stay strong and avoid the pitfalls that come with trying to fit in. It’s a way for the freshman to find out what they can do to get involved in school and instead of being someone who stands off to the side and be a part of something.

Taking A Stand

This is a motivational and challenging message to teens. It challenges them to be part of making a difference in their world. Steve shares examples of teens that have made a difference and emphasizes the need for youth to take a stand. Steve describes the need for teen motivation, and looks at how teens are full of potential. Steve believes that teens are the people that are going to carry this nation, and if we do not link up with their potential success is going to be a failure.

Building on Character

This works well with the character counts program. Here Steve looks at the six pillars of character and how very important it is for youth at their age to have these pillars well established in their lives. Steve defines character and ask the students to see what pillars are already established in their lives and which ones need established or strengthen.

What’s a Gentleman?

Is there a difference between being a man and being a gentleman? If there is then what is it? This presentation is for males only and it explores the truths and myths of being a male. How to not be “molded” by today’s standards of what a man is, but make the right choices on being a gentlemen.

What’s a Lady?

This is for ladies ears only. Here the question is asked “what makes a lady”? Is it important to be a lady? Steve addresses these questions and talks with young ladies about self worth and self esteem. He brings to the table a man’s view of what a lady is.

Be Who You Are or Who Will You Be?

Here Steve talks about being real. He discusses how many people both young and old loose who they are along the way and never really discover what makes them, them. Along with this come compromise and poor choices. He emphasizes the need for youth to be honest with themselves and with others. We are all looking for who we are, yet we are always ready to accept what others think we are. Find who you are and be satisfied in it.

So What’s in Your Suitcase?

This is based off a song by U-2. “You’re packing a suitcase for a place none of us have been. A place that has to be believed to be seen”. So what’s in you’re suitcase? Steve talks with students about priorities and looking at life realistically and seeing what is important. How often we get caught up in the little things and miss the great things of life. Life is full of lessons, some learned easy, some hard, but they are lessons nonetheless. How to face struggles in life and come out on the positive side. Steve also shares about people who have overcome struggles in life and have turned them for good.

Steroid Education: “Bury Me Big”

This has come about because of the alarming rate of Jr High and High school, and College students who are using these harmful drugs. This presentation is not just for athletes, but also for the general student body as well as parents of both athletes and non-athletes. This presentation is about an hour in length and covers both the physical as well as the psychological addictions that come with steroid use. Bury me big is a hard hitting message dealing with a life threatening addictions. This is excellent for preseason events along with the general student body.

“I wanted to tell you that you saved my life 10 years ago, but I’m sure that I’m not the first to tell you that. One of the last things that you always say at the end of your sex/abstinence speech is that if you were the victim of molestation, rape or incest you still have everything because you never gave your heart, and that sentence alone saved me.”


Being an athlete isn't just what you are its who you are. What's inside of you. It doesn't mean that your extraordinary in fact I have met ordinary people who have become extra ordinary athletes because they have the heart of an athlete.



Steve speaks to thousands of teachers, administration teams, and superintendents each and every year. He speaks with passion not only for youth, but also for those who have the awesome responsibility of being a part of shaping their lives.



In today's corporate world there are many challenges for employers to keep their employees going strong and staying positive through every situation.