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Helping Teachers

Steve speaks to thousands of teachers, administration teams, and superintendents each and every year. He speaks with passion not only for youth, but also for those who have the awesome responsibility of being a part of shaping their lives. He believes that outside of the home, teachers are the ones that are going to have one the biggest impact on a kid’s life today. Steve’s passion is just as strong as it is for teens when it comes to reaching a teacher. Listed are a few of his presentations.

Teaching, It’s a Calling, Not a Job.

This can be used for both teachers and anyone who works with teens. Steve helps participants find the real purpose behind what they do. He challenges them to look beyond the outside of a kid and see the potential within. He speaks about having a “yes face” and about the fact that each and everyone of us that stand before teens are books, read by them, what title would they give you’re book? This is great for teacher in service days, college education majors; DARE conferences or any other prevention gatherings.

All Kids are Learners.

Question: Where did you learn the skills that you have today, no not the professional skills, but your personal skills? Answer: Its simple- through life experiences. Steve talks about how learning is a natural process, yet perception is quite often different. Steve discusses how to get the material, the lessons, and the knowledge out of us and into a teen. It is possible. Teaching has to keep with learning, these are things that will be looked at and teachers will be challenged to get involved in their subjects. Everyone can learn, but not everyone learns the same.

Today things need to be practical, young people need to see that what they are learning has a reason and a purpose. Steve challenges teachers to look at why they teach what they teach. Why did they pick this subject over all the others? Once this is looked at we can then move forward to how can we now take what we are passionate about and help a teen see the need.

Steve really believes that nothing is more important for a child/teen/young adult have a support system. Steve believes that parents are there exactly for that; to be the support block for teens today. Steve knows parenting is not easy and probably one of the hardest things they ever do. Parenting is the unknown, but with help can be the best thing in the world. Here are a few parent presentations that are available.

#1. Kids don’t come with directions.

So you’re a parent, now what? Steve talks to parents about how to stay flexible, yet strong while raising teens. Basic parenting skills will be discussed along with some guidelines for working with adolescents. Parental “pitfalls” are also addressed to help parents walk this sometimes-bumpy road.

#2. Parenting is a verb not a noun.

This builds off #1. Here Steve discusses the need for “active” parenting. No sitting allowed. No more hoping that everything turns out ok; there has to be action. Topics include the discussion of what our teens live in, how to confront it and the necessity of it. Stressing the importance of becoming involved in kids lives and not just simply being a spectator or a friend to them. The time for action in parenting is now not later.

#3. Stop, look, listen.

Again this one builds off the last one. Here Steve gives some practical tips to parents on what to look for in the lives of their teens. Warning signs of trouble that often go unnoticed. He wants parents to be able to identify their childrens struggles while living in today’s world. How to be the “bad guy” with your kids, but understand that it might save their life. Exposing the lies of the times we live in.

Helping Law Enforcement

Steve works with many different law enforcement organizations every year. These officials range from local police, DARE officers, to county and state police officers. The message that he brings is one of encouragement: the men and women that are out there serving are also called to look after the teens of this world. He is emphasizing the idea that it is ok to have a positive impact on young people and show them the right way before they fall to the wrong way. He tells them even the teens that have already fallen into trouble still need to be shown the right way and need people to encourage them.

Here is where the encouragement comes into place. Steve brings the officers back to the “WHY” of what they do. Not only is it to uphold the law but it is also reaching a young person and giving them a chance to change. Teens in these situations are not always real receptive of what is to come, but this is a great place for someone to make an impact on them.

Steve reminds officers that someone reached out to him a long time ago….someone probably reached out to them too -isn’t it our chance to return the favor?

“I had the opportunity to see him lecture my Health class at Alan B. Shepard High school for the last twenty five years. In my thirty plus years of being in the teaching field I would say he is by far the best speaker I have ever had. I have not met anyone with his poise and presence in front of the students.”


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