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Helping Athletes

The Cost of Being and Athlete

Being an athlete isn’t just what you are its who you are. What’s inside of you. It doesn’t mean that your extraordinary in fact I have met ordinary people who have become extra ordinary athletes because they have the heart of an athlete. This message challenges athlete’s either at the high school level or college to use their gift wisely. Knowing that along with being and athlete your also an example whether you like it or not. It also has a strong message against drugs, alcohol and steroids.


Steve speaks from an athletes perspective. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Competed and finished the International Iron-Man Triathlon in Hawaii
  • Various other smaller triathlons
  • Played high school basketball, football and swimming
  • High school all conference
  • College all american
  • Power lifting for the past 25 years
  • Bench pressed goal of 500 pounds and achieved it at the age of 50
  • Lifetime of being drug free
  • 1996 recipient of the Gatorade “Life Is a Sport Drink It Up” Award

Helping Coaches

What Do You See?

A coach has to be an individual who sees way beyond what other see. They have to be one who sees not just a win-loss column, not just x’s and o’s on a clip board; but they need to see far beyond that.

In this presentation Steve brings to the forefront the importance a Coach has not only to a program, school or institution, but to the athlete. Steve reminds them that priorities are a must, even though many coaches today have their priorities backward.

Steve reflects on how it is very important for a Coach to tap into an athlete’s heart way before they tap into their athletic ability.

Steve has not only been an athlete in different levels of play, such as High School, College and Internationally but he too has been on the other side as a Coach. He brings to the table experience raised in “old school” philosophy. Which stands for, “Coach as you want your players to play with: Guts, Determination and Pride”.

“I can not emphasize enough how much I believe that Steve Troglio is a wonderful speaker and motivator. Most importantly, I see someone who is a wonderful role model for the students and athletes he will come in contact with. The educational system needs more speakers like him.”

College Reference

When I first heard about Steve Troglio and the possibility of having him speak at our annual All Athlete Meeting, I was apprehensive. I certainly was aware of his positive impact on high school age youth but I was not sure he would be as effective with college age student athletes! About 2 minutes into his presentation I realized that Steve could reach audiences of all ages. Our student athletes, coaches and administration including myself were all deeply motivated by his message! As a former Pittsburgh Steeler and 2-time Super bowl champion, I know a little bit about motivation. Bringing in Steve as our motivational speaker was one of the best decisions I have ever made!


Ted Petersen
Director of Athletics
Kankakee Community College
Kankakee, IL

Helping Athletes

Being an athlete isn't just what you are its who you are. What's inside of you. It doesn't mean that your extraordinary in fact I have met ordinary people who have become extra ordinary athletes because they have the heart of an athlete.

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