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Steve Troglio founded this outreach in 1992. He is the president and director of this organization. Much in demand as a motivational speaker, he is gifted with the ability to communicate a message with humor and engaging life stories. Steve speaks to over 150,000 teens, teachers, parents and law enforcement officers each year local and nationwide. Steve has worked with teens for over 32 years and has been a presenter for 27 of those years. Steve brings his experiences to the table and deals with issues facing our youth, parents and others who work with adolescents. His message is positive and strong; he lives what he says and believes in the youth of our country.

Steve is a very powerful, down-to-earth, energetic, passionate speaker that brings 100% of himself to every presentation that he gives. His presence in front of an audience captivates their attention from the opening words till the close. Audiences from all ages can see the passion that Steve brings with his words, expressions, and truthfulness. His love for people and mainly teens has turned his words into a dynamic, heart-grabbing presentation that has enthralled audiences for years. Steve uses the ups and downs of his life to relate to others. He is not up there preaching to people, but lending a helping hand to people that are in search for something more in this lifetime.

Importantly, when Steve walks into a presentation it is going to be a message that has him giving his all. The presentation is going to be 100 miles per hour from the beginning to the end because to Steve it is not about him; it is about the message that he brings. When someone believes in their message as much as Steve does, influential things begin to happen. His cares go past him caring if an individual will remember who he is, but desires nothing more than them remembering his words. He wants his message to be heard by everyone, but knows in his heart that if just one kid is reached then his job is complete.

It would be one thing to say that Steve is just another speaker who is just there trying to prove something to people. Steve is far from that. He is there to touch a life. He is there to listen, talk, and reach out to a person who feels like there is nothing left. Steve is there to give a boost, a motivation that this world is going to leave a person empty if their mind continues to lead them instead of their heart. Steve believes that this world has been lying to people for to long, and it is time for someone to bring the truth. The truth that there is a better life out there for people, a better career, and even a better family as long as the heart leads them. Steve has found that throughout his many years of speaking that kids want truth, they want to know that there is someone who cares enough to bring the truth.
It’s very encouraging for Steve to hear kids tell him that they are going to take stand. “I am so encouraged when I get an email from a kid or a note saying listen you have touched my heart or you said something that encouraged me. I am not going to quit. I am not going to fall into gang pressure or that group that’s trying to get me to do something that I don’t want to do. I am going to stand strong,” Steve said.

Steve has a very long track record of working with schools, teachers, superintendents, judges, parents, and even the corporate world through out the 25 years of this program. With covering schools in the Midwest mainly, Steve has also traveled nationwide introducing his words to schools and different conferences. He has been apart of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes summer camps, and different conventions nationwide. Steve has delivered keynote addresses to various conferences such as IDEA, DARE Conventions, the IL. Safe and Drug Free Schools, and even the Circuit Court of Cook & Will County’s. He also has spoken at many College Universities, as well as Teacher in Service Days. Steve’s whole desire is that when he comes into a presentation that he is there to reinforce all the things that an administrator, teacher, or parent are already stressing.

For people looking to work with Steve they could not ask for a better, easy-going person. His scheduling is very flexible and will make every attempt to be where ever his message wants to be heard. His respect for schools and teens will be seen the moment he enters, and will carry all the way through his energetic, true presentations. All in all, when you book Steve for your event, you will be getting an inspiring, funny, passion filled speaker, but also a man whose sole mission is touching the lives of one individual at a time.

About Us

Helping Corporations

In today's corporate world there are many challenges for employers to keep their employees going strong and staying positive through every situation. There are always the constant barriers of digging through people's weakness and turning them into their strongest attributes. What if employees found out those weaknesses and realized that there is a way to change them? What if they dug deep and embraced the challenges and obstacles of the workplace? The corporate world could explode with endless opportunity even when faced with the strongest adversity.

Helping Teachers

Steve speaks to thousands of teachers, administration teams, and superintendents each and every year. He speaks with passion not only for youth, but also for those who have the awesome responsibility of being a part of shaping their lives. He believes that outside of the home, teachers are the ones that are going to have oneSteve Troglio, Founder, Teen Reach the biggest impact on a kid's life today. Steve's passion is just as strong as it is for teens when it comes to reaching a teacher. Listed are a few of his presentations.

Helping Teens

This is Steve's main presentation. This presentation has a strong message against drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc. with the emphasis on keeping focused on the goal of your heart and staying true to your dreams. It shows teens that there are people out there that believe in them and that pressing on, no matter what comes their way, they can overcome anything.


Steve Troglio founded this outreach in 1992 because he believes in the youth of our country. Much in demand as a motivational speaker, Steve brings his experiences to the table and deals with issues facing our youth, parents and others who work with adolescents. He is gifted with the ability to communicate a positive message with humor, honesty, strength and engaging life stories.

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